Hosting and Maintenance.

FAQ's about hosting or maintenance plans.


Most frequent questions and answers about our hosting and maintenance packages.

Yes. You must select either the standard hosting plan, or an upgraded plan which includes maintenance.

You do not have to remain with Digiebuzz for hosting, you can leave at any point if you’d prefer to select a different provider. Please let us know if this is your intention.

However, if you do, then your site and any email accounts will be deactivated until you are able to manually re-upload your website files to your new hosting providers service.

The free year of hosting will start from the moment you select the hosting package. You will not be billed until the one year period has ended.

You still need to sign up to the plan now though, to ensure there is not issues when that period has ended.

Your site may be deactivated until you select a hosting plan, so please do so as soon as possible to avoid this.

Yes you may cancel at any point. If you wish to do so, then your website will be deactivated and we’ll send your website files over by email. You’ll have to manually upload them to your new hosting provider. Please send us an email letting us know that you’d like to cancel your subscription.

Any email accounts you have with us will also be lost.

Please notify us if you’d like to move your site to a different hosting provider. We will send you site files over email and then you’ll have to manually re-upload them onto your new hosting site.

We strongly recommend against this as this is a complicated process that can easily go wrong. If you do wish to do so, it would be useful if you have a developer at hand to do it for you.

We would definitely recommend it. It means that your site will always be up to date in terms of maintenance and security. This is vital to prevent against hackers and out of date software.

It is not essential, you are more than welcome to complete these tasks yourself, although we would not recommend that you do so unless you have significant developer experience.

That depends on your individual websites’ needs and your own capabilities. If you’re comfortable updating the website and its content, then all you will need is a hosting plan.

If you’re not comfortable updating the site and its contents, then selecting a plan with development time can allow us to take care of that for you.