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Coronavirus Small Business Support: FREE WEBSITES to support small businesses!

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If the Coronavirus COVID-19 hasn’t yet affected your business, its only a matter of time before it will. For some businesses, it’s impossible for them to transition to working from home. We recognise that just as much as any other small business and we’re sure its left you wondering what Coronavirus Small Business Support is available?

If you haven’t already checked out the official government support and advice page for small businesses, then it may be of use to check out what their official advice is. They have announced financial support for some specific industries, so it may be worth seeing if theres any support available for your business.

We’re offering FREE WEBSITES for small businesses!

In times like this when it’s more important to help each other and our other fellow small businesses, we think we should all be doing whatever possible to help get through this together. For that very reason, we’re offering help the only way we know how; by offering to build websites for small retailers that wouldn’t be able to stay open otherwise.

If you own a small retail/local business that relies on customer traffic to your store or location, and you don’t currently have an online presence, then we’d love to help you. We’re willing to build an e-commerce website that you can use for the duration of the Coronavirus Outbreak, absolutely FREE.

We can only help a limited number of business, although we we try to help as many as we possibly can, so please only get in touch if your business cannot continue to operate without this offer. We will prioritise businesses that have been forced to close their physical stores due to the Coronavirus.

What Will You Get?

We will create a basic e-commerce website that you can use for the duration of the outbreak period. Nothing fancy, just a basic online store that can help you sell your products to your customers online. You won’t even need to purchase a domain name, as we’ll set up a subdomain on our website for you to use (e.g.

You will be able to use the store for as long as you need during these difficult times and then after that period is over, if you wish to keep the store we will transfer ownership to yourselves and your own domain at a much discounted price.

Get In Touch If You’d Like Help

Whilst it may seem like Coronavirus Small Business Support is limited, we can all help each other get by. So, if your small business meets the criteria mentioned above and something like this could help keep your business running, then get in touch with us on any of our social media accounts, or by emailing us at telling us how your business will benefit from our help.

If you don’t meet the criteria we’ve mentioned, then we can still help you out at a massively discounted price. Get in touch with us to find out what packages and support we have available.

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